Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grace Me With Your Cold Shoulder

Man, when I actually pay attention to what's going on in contemporary music I always find some gem that I really get into. This record is one of those gems. This girl is a year younger than me and she has already had a number one record and more importantly, was hand picked by Burt Bacharach to sing a rendition of his song "Baby It's You" with him accompanying on piano. What the fuck. This girl has a great voice and there is some great fucking production on this record. There is definitely some LA era Motown influence in these songs. Any record that makes use of the Fender Rhodes will always get a little love from your boy. So sick. Anyways, enjoy.

Try it.
Buy it.


Here's her video for Chasing Pavements. You might have heard this song before. The horn/string swell in the chorus is so sick.

- JoaquĆ­n


BTOWN said...

Seriously, that record is badass. I kept thinking that Cold Shoulder was Winehouse, but I never checked. That shit is packed with hits.

Anonymous said...

She won the best new artist Grammy. Pretty impressive. pretty pretty pretty impressive

Todd said...

Hell yeah good post.

billybellmont said...

she bad ass.. i first saw here on SNL last November and have been hooked since. super sultry