Sunday, September 28, 2008


insomniac doze- put me to sleep
that jesu split- i lasted through about a minute of the envy side and started skimming through the songs to see if they'd ever stop being boring... which they didn't.
abyssal ep- i think they were trying to make up for the lack of interesting parts on their previous releases by putting in as many ideas as they could. this just lead to an overall lack of cohesion.

ive been finding myself envious of the old days of envy... remember when there were only two parts to an envy song, the fast drumming loud part, and the slow back-beat quiet repetitive part?

well, I'm pretty sure this has been out for a while, but the envy thursday split actually doesn't suck. i mean, yeah, the thursday parts are kind of lacking, but i've found that band to be one of the better radio rock bands. but the envy side is great. closer to their older aggressive style, with a little influence from their most recent releases.

i got this from the christ almartyr blogspot (for any goaters, its mooks blog). just wait out the first song, its worth it.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something I can relate to.

Last week, I talked to my sister Kaitlin. She called me on the phone and was telling me about how her best friend, Chelsea, was going back to school in Provo, Utah and needed a roommate. She was getting her own place near the school she goes to. Kaitlin was telling me she was considering moving to Utah with Chelsea. She was very skeptical about it at first because it's...well...Utah. I didn't quite know what to say either because of the location but I understood exactly where she was coming from. For the first time in my life, I felt like I could really relate to my sister as an adult. I know how it feels to want to "get out". She's 20 years old and still at my parents house. She's been going to school for the past 2 years since she's been out of high school, not knowing exactly what she wants to do with her life. She was in a horrible relationship with a immature and emotionally unstable boyfriend which is now over, thankfully. She took a semester off in the spring to work and save up some money to move out. I could really relate to her situation because I felt exactly the same 2 years ago.

I was living in San Francisco, in a relationship with a girl who I was madly in love with and had an awesome paying job. I thought I had my life all figured out. Prior to this, I dropped out of school and moved to the SF. When I was laid off from my job and my relationship with my girlfriend ended, I packed my bags and headed out east to Baltimore on a whim. I knew one person there and that was good enough for me. Baltimore gave me some time to really mature as an adult and sort of figure out who I really was. Now I'm living in New York and am finally going to get my life together. I am going to go back to school next semester (if I can figure out financial stuff) and have a few little projects I'm working on. I am putting together a zine with some California friends living in NYC as well. I am also working on booking a show at this venue in the Lower East Side.

I just wish I could help my sister. The desperation in her voice was so familiar. The want, the need to get out. To get out of what you are so accustomed to and not care what the consequences are. Leaving as soon as you realize you have no ties to where you have lived your entire life. You have nothing holding you back. Unfortunately, my mom convinced my sister to stay in California. My sister, of course, caved in. I guess she doesn't have the dedication I had or maybe I just don't give a fuck. Goodnight.

- Google Nick

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suck it, bitch.

Outrageous, appalling, sensational... I don't know what words to use to describe this song. It's just... wow. Have a listen.

- Joaquín

Don't you know? USA's the center of Jerusalem

This is a now defunct three piece from Texas that play shoegaze reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized. But there is also so much more to this band. The album "Texas Jerusalem Crossroads" is the story of Texas being the chosen land for the end times. The band decided to come out of the gate making a concept album for their first release, something that could have been all too ambitious if it wasn't pulled off correctly. Fortunately, it was, and the album will surprise you when its flows from beginning to end with ease. Its a double disc, the first side titled "Texas" and the second "Jerusalem", that ultimately clocks in at over 93 minutes. There are so many examples of how thought out the release was, one being if you read the titles in the order they appear, its an added message linking to the lyrical themes.



Think of it as an indie version of an old man gloom record, with moments of spacey noises accenting crescendo-ed explosions. But even if all those obnoxious references and adjectives don't sway you, check out one of the best lyrics:

So all you haircut bands, doing headstands
thinking you’ll turn the world upside down
Put your guitars up over your shoulders
A new sort of experience is taking over
cause we’re simply the
best band in the whole damn land
and ‘Texas Is The Reason’


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


- Google Nick


Yeah, it kinda rules, but fuck that. So, our two-bit asshole driver left us in Brooklyn. He's been exhibiting mental problems slowly over two and a half weeks, leading us up to this point. The other night while showing signs of paranoid delusions and other instabilities, he made up his mind that our drummer had been conspiring against him through the whole tour. This was obvious bullshit and I called him on it. Well, Tim the mental midget had made up his mind, and we unloaded the van in the middle of Brooklyn. Fortunately, our wonderful friend Addie has been kind enough to put us up for a few days while we sell off all of our gear. And we are now doing just that. We've been taking pictures and calling agencies trying to scrape together enough cash to catch the train back to Seattle. Fuckit. Ill see everyone at home in a week. Hopefully.


PS. We have set up a Paypal account ( to collect donations to get back home. If you have a few bucks to spare, we would all really appreciate it very, very, much. Thanks.

Sometimes Things Just Disappear

I wanted a friend to hear this record so I put it up and figured I'd throw it on the blog. This band isn't playing here on their current tour, but they're fucking awesome. If you play music and know what it's like to challenge yourself, you'll like this record. There are two things I think about when I listen to this record. One is how much time these dudes spent working these songs out in their practice space because they wanted them to be really interesting, the other is how little time these dudes spent working these songs out in their practice space because they're probably just really fucking talented and experienced judging by how wonderfully this record is written and performed. Ugh. If you don't check this record out you are a douche bag. I've avoided saying that on this blog, but I think it's definitely worth throwing out there for this one. Anyways, here you go.

Try it.
Buy it.
No, seriously, buy it.

Once again, if my spiel didn't sway you, here's a real review...

"With melodies and hooks as addictive as narcotics, meet Polar Bear Club, post hardcore's new favourite dealers. Just as the mid-late 90s emo style popularized by bands like Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike becomes more past than present, 5 young men from Western New York are exploding onto the scene; fueled by a self-proclaimed love for taco bell, and packing an unrelenting power and passion. For a debut full-length, Sometimes Things Just Disappear has classic written all over it. Featuring duel vocals with the perfect contrast between assaulting aggression and emotional melodies on top of confident songwriting, this album may quickly place the band within the ranks of many old favourites. The raw intensity that Polar Bear Club are capable of is best embodied in tracks like “The Bug Parade”, whereas “Convinced I’m Wrong” starts the listener off in a style reminiscent of the Casket Lottery only to deliver what is arguably the most powerful chorus on the album. With such impressive depth and a live show that is rumoured to match, this band is sure to take 2008 by storm." -

this just in! iced earth writes the worst song ever!

the song:

the conversation:
detroit: dude, this song sucks:
joaq: HAHAHA
joaq: This is god awful.
detroit: it's like... "hey iced earth! fuck you."
joaq: HAHAHA
joaq: "How could they? They will pay... when the eaaaaglee criiiieeeesss."
joaq: Please put that on the blog hahahaha
detroit: haha, ok
joaq: The fact that the guitar player guy is wearing a turtle neck with gold chains
joaq: is the funniest thing ever
detroit: seriously, i mean, i never really got into that band... but that song
detroit: oof

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Texas Pete is the best hot sauce ever...

Have you ever had Texas Pete hot sauce? If not, you're missing out. Tonight, after searching in and out of Baltimore and New York City, I finally found a bottle of Texas Pete hot sauce around the corner from my apartment. I just never thought to go to the grocery store two blocks down on 1st Ave and 120th street. I live in the famous neighborhood Harlem in Manhattan where you don't go to hang out. You just live there because you can't afford anything below 96th street. There was never a reason for me to go past my street, 118th st. Anyway, It's better than Tabasco. It's better than Tapatio. It's fucking Texas Pete and it's American as fuck and will kill you.

- Google Nick

The lost Westwood Tigers recording...

I'm sure a couple of people will be stoked about this. If you're from Albuquerque, you know who Westwood Tigers are. They're basically the Kid Dynamite of New Mexico. Buncha' assholes, too. Anyways, before they all moved, moved back, then moved again, they recorded these three songs with the intention of doing a split with Roñoso, Albuquerque's sweetest crust/metal/whatever dudes. Well, according to legend, Brad, of Westwood Tigers, lost the only copy of Roñoso's recording. Needless to say, the split never got released. Anyways, these songs are awesome and if you like Kid Dynamite, D4, Jawbreaker, etc. you'll probably be into this. They had a running joke of song titles and record titles, the first ones were "Hot Lixxx" and "Cool Hits", and this one... well, this one is "Lukewarm Tits." Enjoy.

Westwood Tigers - Lukewarm Tits

- Joaquín

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I gotta go...

...the club owner's trying to dick me out of some money. That one's for Will. I'm in Austin and the climate spells hipster. Eating BBQ and trying not to obsess about the goddamned hurricane. Some cool shit coming up. YOU'LLSEE.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

happy 911

this band broke up on my birthday. there was a member of bleeding kansas involved. the drummer i think.

storm the bastille

they basically sound just like the impossibles. or maybe a little more like that band with impossibles and mineral members, i forgot their name.

- jmosh

Lemonheads video super post!

I'll probably put up "Come On Feel" later today, but until then, here are some videos from that album. So good. If you don't like the Lemonheads you are a dick.

matt damon is legit

talk as much shit as you want, but dude is laying it down.

love, detroit

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 2: San Fran.

San Francisco. Haight & Ashbury. Terry from Bellmont. Licorice at eight in the morning. Trying to by weed from hippies and cholos in front of Amoeba. Bad tacos. Third Eye Blind. Constant smell of incense and dirt. Craft t-shirts.

I've made up my mind. When we get back, badass covers of Disarm by the Pumpkins and London by Third Eye Blind.

Now, we party with this guy.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I really don't know life at all.

What a good song. I dug up some Joni Mitchell recently and have been listening to it a lot. Here's a live video of "Both Sides, Now" from the Johnny Cash show.

- Joaquín