Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't you know? USA's the center of Jerusalem

This is a now defunct three piece from Texas that play shoegaze reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized. But there is also so much more to this band. The album "Texas Jerusalem Crossroads" is the story of Texas being the chosen land for the end times. The band decided to come out of the gate making a concept album for their first release, something that could have been all too ambitious if it wasn't pulled off correctly. Fortunately, it was, and the album will surprise you when its flows from beginning to end with ease. Its a double disc, the first side titled "Texas" and the second "Jerusalem", that ultimately clocks in at over 93 minutes. There are so many examples of how thought out the release was, one being if you read the titles in the order they appear, its an added message linking to the lyrical themes.



Think of it as an indie version of an old man gloom record, with moments of spacey noises accenting crescendo-ed explosions. But even if all those obnoxious references and adjectives don't sway you, check out one of the best lyrics:

So all you haircut bands, doing headstands
thinking you’ll turn the world upside down
Put your guitars up over your shoulders
A new sort of experience is taking over
cause we’re simply the
best band in the whole damn land
and ‘Texas Is The Reason’


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