Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sometimes Things Just Disappear

I wanted a friend to hear this record so I put it up and figured I'd throw it on the blog. This band isn't playing here on their current tour, but they're fucking awesome. If you play music and know what it's like to challenge yourself, you'll like this record. There are two things I think about when I listen to this record. One is how much time these dudes spent working these songs out in their practice space because they wanted them to be really interesting, the other is how little time these dudes spent working these songs out in their practice space because they're probably just really fucking talented and experienced judging by how wonderfully this record is written and performed. Ugh. If you don't check this record out you are a douche bag. I've avoided saying that on this blog, but I think it's definitely worth throwing out there for this one. Anyways, here you go.

Try it.
Buy it.
No, seriously, buy it.

Once again, if my spiel didn't sway you, here's a real review...

"With melodies and hooks as addictive as narcotics, meet Polar Bear Club, post hardcore's new favourite dealers. Just as the mid-late 90s emo style popularized by bands like Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike becomes more past than present, 5 young men from Western New York are exploding onto the scene; fueled by a self-proclaimed love for taco bell, and packing an unrelenting power and passion. For a debut full-length, Sometimes Things Just Disappear has classic written all over it. Featuring duel vocals with the perfect contrast between assaulting aggression and emotional melodies on top of confident songwriting, this album may quickly place the band within the ranks of many old favourites. The raw intensity that Polar Bear Club are capable of is best embodied in tracks like “The Bug Parade”, whereas “Convinced I’m Wrong” starts the listener off in a style reminiscent of the Casket Lottery only to deliver what is arguably the most powerful chorus on the album. With such impressive depth and a live show that is rumoured to match, this band is sure to take 2008 by storm." - http://ihaterocknroll.blogspot.com/

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