Thursday, October 30, 2008

Party chug

I would imagine if you know us, you already have this, but just in case you don't...

Excruciation - Demo 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nothing shall remain.

Integrity - Seasons In The Size Of Days


Our friend Carl is also posting crucial Holy Terror stuff until Halloween, so go check out his blog, here.

Also, thanks to Todd Knife for the link to this sweet blog with ridiculous Dwid/Integrity stories, here.

I can't feel. I can't breathe.

Integrity - Humanity Is The Devil

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It'll never escape my soul...

Integrity - Systems Overload

Holy fucking terror.

I'm not sure how many people know about it, but Integrity has a lot of their records up for download for free on their Myspace blog. If you don't already have these records, you absolutely need to get them. It's the time of year to start getting evil. So aside from eating a bunch of candy and stuff, enjoy these albums and pray for the apocalypse. I'll be putting the rest up throughout the day.

Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow

- Joaquín

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Holy shit. This is the holy grail of my childhood. I never thought I would ever see this again. The internet fucking rules. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

- Joaquín

Monday, October 20, 2008

My baby kisses like a heart attack.

What do you get when you put the singer of Glassjaw, the drummer from Orange 9mm and a shit ton of record label money together? Obnoxiously catchy pop songs that are simplistically woven together with gorgeous little pop conventions. A list of things that I absolutely adore. I will never get tired of hearing pop songs with clever structures, transitions and well thought out ideas worked into all that sugary goodness. Just download this album and have some fun.

Try it
Buy it

- Joaquín

Chris Coco

Hi. There is a DJ with the same name as me, but I live in Tucson, Arizona. I will be posting on here later on this week reviewing a few albums that I enjoyed that were released this year and posting some cool things I come across the internet. I just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fight me.

This is a legitimately good song.

- Tyrone

Saturday, October 18, 2008

If you take your love from me, I'll turn to stone.

So aside from yesterday being Edge Day, it was also the day we lost Four Tops frontman, Levi Stubbs. He's more famous with the punk generations for having a Billy Bragg song named after him, but he lead one of the greatest Motown acts to date. His passing is truly heart breaking and my condolences go out to his family. I would like to celebrate his life and work with this post. You may not recognize the name, but you will absolutely recognize the golden hits he left behind. You should share these beautiful songs with a loved one. That's the way Levi would have wanted it.

R.I.P. Levi Stubbs

Try it:
Part 1
Part 2
Buy it

- Joaquín

Friday, October 17, 2008

Take your drugs and alcohol, I don't need them!

Out of all the modern Straight-Edge bands this is, or was, one of the only ones I could really get into. They do the Straight-Edge motivational thing really well. It's not spiteful or hateful at all, and it's not annoyingly "posi" either. This record rules. They really drive home the awesome sing-a-longs in these songs. Not to mention the sick Japanese hardcore-esque leads.

"still growing up/still fucking up/still lost and desperate for answers"

Try it
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- Joaquín

Fight For What's Right, Straight Edge Pride

"You broke the fucking edge
Now I can't trust a word
Through all the goddamn years
I have been there for you
You left your friends behind
Don't come around anymore
Things are different now
I have no more respect"

Try it.
Buy it for just $6.

I hate sell-out's and backstabbers just as much as the next guy, but as much as Cast Aside? Not at all. They were supposed to put out a new record on Deathwish but broke up before they could do so. They did, however, record a demo of a new song featuring Pete from 100 Demons which you can hear on their MySpace. It's one of the hardest songs ever.

- Tyrone

Those days, those fucking days.

As Dave was saying earlier, this band had a huge impact on the straight-edge scene, and the hardcore scene in general. I can't express how much this record meant to me when I was 15. Man. So good.

Try it
Buy it

- Joaquín

I've got gay edge.

"Depending on who you are you could either think that this is a funny idea, or a complete idiotic one. Being one that admitadly laughs at low-brow humor I think this is hilarious. This band re-records eight 80's hardcore classics like "Flame Still Burns", "Straight Edge", and "True Til Death" and change the lyrics to be about homosexuality. For example, the classic Bold song "Nailed to the X" becomes "Nailed in the Ass", with lines like "I'll shoot gizz in your eye until your blind." If you are into any of those old 80's bands and aren't some up-tight PC hardcore kid, you'll probably find this funny and worth hearing. The Project X parody cover is hilarious. There were only a few hundred of these pressed, I think all of them were on appropriate pink vinyl, so good luck in getting your hands on one of these masterpieces." - Some online review

Try it
You can't buy it anymore, but go pick up one of their t-shirts from the Buddyhead store.

P.S. The folder has a .txt file with the lyrics. So good.


sure, this song is a joke now... and reading the lyrics, it's pretty easy to see why, but back in 1996 Earth Crisis had pretty much become the the voice of modern straight edge.

Street by street
Block by block
Taking it all back
The youth's immersed in poison--turn the tide counterattack
Violence against violence, let the roundups begin
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in
No mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war
The innocents' defense is the reason it's waged for
Born addicted, beaten and neglected
Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned
Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown
Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down
A chemically tainted welfare generation
Abslolute complete moral degeneration
Born addicted, beaten and neglected
Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned
Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown
Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down
Corrupt politicans, corrupt enforcement, drug lords and dealers; all must fall
The helpless are crying out
We have risen to their call
A firestorm to purify.

love, detroit

has the edge gone dull?

you can't have a straight edge day and not talk about this band. Chain of Strength was only together for like 2 or 3 years. they only put out 2 7"'s, but their legacy in the straight edge scene is almost unparalleled. i mean, they wrote what is argueably the most anthemic straight edge song ever. probably none of these guys are straight edge anymore, but ya know... whatevs.

love, detroit


Of course this had to be posted.

(Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture.)

Try it.
(I don't think you can buy this anymore.)

"'The lyrics that I write can be interpreted as pro-American, pro-Christian, pro-straight edge. I like to come across with a little bit more morality than a normal person,' he explains. (He’s serious when he bellows, 'In my dreams/ I am your savior' on 'Demonize.') 'Also, politically, our band is pretty conservative,' Peacock says. 'Let me make it clear that we’re not a political band. We as people are very, very conservative. We look at that as, if there’s somebody to pick on, it’s usually the conservative, drug-free, Christian right, and that’s us, and that’s why we set ourselves up saying '‘we are the enemy.’' This oppositional position is something the band, well, embraces. 'We want to be the thorn in everyone’s side,' says Peacock, 'we want to make people think.'" - Decibel Magazine

Ouch, right?

- Tyrone


hardcore in 1999 was in a sad state. sure there were the staple bands that were still around, but things were in decline. "mallcore" bands were just starting to emerge. great bands were breaking up. formerly great bands were changing and putting out unrecognizable records to appeal to the masses. we were worried. enter trial. sure, trial had been around for a while, they put out some really great records. they were as intelligent as they were intense. and we eagerly awaited their next release. we were presented with "Are these our lives?" we were floored. this was a new level. the music was unparalleled. the lyrics were landmark (i would later come to learn that singer greg bennick did 6 months of research to prepare for writing this record). this was the new standard. to this day "are these our lives?" stands as a landmark hardcore record. this video is from one of their 2005 reunion shows. happy edge day fuckers.

love, detroit.

Straight-Edge Revenge

I'm as straight as the line that you sniff up your nose.
I'm as hard as the booze that you swill down your throat.
I'm as bad as the shit you breath into your lungs.
And I'll fuck you up as fast as the pill on your tongue.

Try it
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- Joaquín

We'll be the judge of your fucking fate.

"While playing in Youth Of Today, Mike and Porcell started Judge as a project band. Their first single was released on Porcell's label Schism in 1988. By the time the next year was over they had made Judge a serious touring band, recorded their debut full-length and become legends within the hardcore scene. The first recording of their full length was scrapped because of the poor quality of the recording. This was released in a very limited pressing under the title Chung King Can Suck It and has been a prize of hardcore record collecting ever since. They re-recorded their album at the now legendary studio Normandy Sound and released it under its original title Bringin It Down. After a couple of years of touring they put out one final ep with three songs on it. What It Meant collects all of these recordings in their entirety along with one track from their demo (recorded with Luke from Gorilla Biscuits on Drums). Heavy, well put together music with lyrics that show thought and self examination, Judge evolved from their first single to the last song they released, leaving a legacy that helped shape hardcore."

Try it:
Part 1
Part 2
Buy it

Plain and simple, if Judge doesn't make you want to kill somebody, you probably don't have a pulse.

- Joaquín

Happy Edge day!

All of us here at Never Get To Heaven can all appreciate the fact that Edge kids need to party once a year, too. So we're celebrating this holiday by posting a bunch of Straight-Edge crap all day. Since none of us have really planned this out just yet, I figured I'd kick these posts off the way they should be. Have a good Edge Day, everybody.

- Joaquín

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is this feeling?

So, last Sunday I went on a vinyl spree. I spent like 50 dollars on vinyl in about two hours. Awesome. Anyway, this was among the many records purchased. This is Jake Bannon's (Converge) solo track entitled "The Blood of Thine Enemies". This song is so good. Even if you've never heard of Converge or you don't like them, this song is awesome. It also has an etched B side, and it looks fucking amazing. Please buy this, because.... well it's awesome.

Buy it
Try It.



I hate everyone ever.

- Tyrone

Not So Disposable

"Montreal's Doughboys have emerged from the major label signing wars without being molded into mere music industry canon fodder. After three independent melodic-hardcore albums that established them as one of Canada's most non-compromising bands, Crush expands on the group's inherent pop elements without sacrificing drive and energy. Single and lead track "Shine" is the safest offering here; where the group really "shines" is on the cavity-inducing melody of "Fix Me." Of course, there will always be those dour, terminally au courant types who will slash Crush for it's broader, more accessible pop "sellout" - bah humbug to them, while the rest of us enjoy." - Some Review On Some Yahoo Site

Try it.
Buy it.

I read about this album on Aversionline while I was back at my mom's place in Gallup a couple years back, heard a track or two that he had posted there and found the songs enjoyable. A couple of weeks later while browsing through CD's back in Albuquerque, I found a used copy of The Doughboy's "Crush" for something like $2.99 or whatever and picked it up.

I am glad to say that I made a pretty good decision as this album is quite good although I do feel as though the 'Boys blew their proverbial "load" on the first five songs or so, which makes the rest of the album something of a hard listen. Having songs like Melt, Disposable and Fix Me all back-to-back would definitely give any other song any other album a run for its money.

Don't get me wrong, the rest of the album is good (check out Treehouse and End of the Hall) and definitely worth a listen, so do yourself a favor and check it out. I am almost certain that anybody reading this blog who has spent an hour or two at a music store rifling through CDs has seen a used copy of this album hanging out (next to a copy of Handsome's self-titled record which I'll probably post at some time in the future), so the next time you see it, check it out. It's also available on Amazon for something like $0.02, so you could just do that as well.

Also, check out this sick video for Fix Me. Mad dreads, bro.

- Tyrone

Tucson rules

"A split release between two strapping young hardcore bands from Tucson. Fake Out plays fast pissed-off hardcore and has members from Alarm, Line of Fire, and Some Nerve. The Female Snake side is equally as angry, with a slightly more power-violence style approach."

Try it
Buy it

Seriously, though. Buy this. It's limited as fuck and each cover is silkscreened. So fly.
- Joaquín

P.S. Since we're on the subject of sick Tucson bands, you should check these ones out...
Dark Age

Among Flies

"Last House On The Left has managed to build one of the most die-hard fan bases in the underground extreme scene — completely “do-it yourself” with a sound all their own — a paradoxical paradigm shift in a world of monotonous metal. Now, the band is set to release their debut album "Among Flies," - an 11 track lesson in the macabre.

Metal has always meant to be a counter-response to the safety of mainstream music, not to revel in the gluttony of it. With Last House On The Left, you won’t find any tight pants, eyeliner or any filler, but simply five devoted musicians with nothing to prove but their love for dark, progressive, heavy metal, and their competency at creating it." - Smart Punk

Try it
Buy it

- Joaq Joaq

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

La Hija De Nadie

The story behind this song is totally creepy, but Yolanda Del Rio had the most heartbreaking voice ever.

- Joaquín

P.S. The entire movie that's based on the theme of this song is on YouTube. I would post it if it wasn't super creepy and, well, in Spanish.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesus is a friend of mine...

My neo-conservative charismatic Christian friend posted this on his LiveJournal, and man... Maybe I'd be a believer if more worship music sounded like this.

- Joaquín

Like a diamond in the rough, I'll shine for you.

Man, Hot Rod Circuit's "The Underground Is A Dying Breed" was one of the summer albums of 2007 and when I heard they were breaking up I was heartbroken. However, it wasn't long until HRC main man, Andy Jackson, got a different ball rolling. Death In The Park had songs up only a few month after the announcement of the HRC split, and man were they catchy. They recently hopped in the studio and started recording their debut full-length that they are currently having problems getting out, it seems. This EP has been out for a while, but it's only available on their tour with Paramore, so I've had to wait for some fucking 14 year old to buy it, take it home, rip it, upload it and post it. Well, that day is finally here, and that particular 14 year old, whoever he or she may be, ripped it at a great bitrate. Thanks, dude/dudette! Enjoy.

Try it
Buy it

- Joaquín

Monday, October 13, 2008

We are all destroyers of love

This is, from what I understand, the final release of one of Albuquerque's better bands. Tzadikim Nistarim, is an epic screamo type, just flat out awesome emotional punk band. This 7" is only one song, but it is fucking awesome. Help a dude out and buy it, it comes with a sweet silk screened lay out, and and silk screened B-side.
Here is the insert.
Click on the picture to actually read it.

Buy it.
Try it.


Continued Evil?

In keeping with a theme of creepality established by Joaquin's post, I figured I'd keep things going. I woke up this morning at around 8, which is very out of the ordinary, and found this on a blog I frequent quite often. It's UFO footage, and perhaps it was me only getting about three hours of sleep, but I was totally intrigued by this lengthy video. Think what you will, but it's kind of worth a watch. I'm going to watch it again to see how I feel about it after regaining some sanity.

- T-$$$

Fuck my life.

I just got out of the shower and had a link from Tyrone waiting for me... What was it? Well, it was the new Integrity EP. I don't think I really have to type up a little paragraph about why you should check this out. So yeah, if you haven't felt evil enough today, enjoy.

Try it
Buy it

P.S. You should really buy it. Dom from Pulling Teeth is putting it out on his label and that dude rules.
P.P.S. He also has a sick ELO shirt.

- Joaq Joaq

Ways my week rules.

Here's how. Today at work, I met Aaron Turner of Isis/Twilight/Hydrahead Records, and he's actually a totally rad dude. Like a greek god with a funny voice. Tonight in a basement, I hung out with Ramming Speed and The Helm. Talked to Jerad from The Helm about drawing me up a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo, right before I mixed up a Ramming Speed shirt with a Cross Examination shirt and got even more mad cred points. Then, I came home to a bag of almost-expired-yet-totally-free snacks from Starbucks, where both of my roommates work, and munched down. Life is good.


P.S. Also, Jake from Uglyhead is posting an uberdetailed blog of the tour day-by-day here, if anyone is interested. Word.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tech Mosh FTW

Veil of Maya's new full length Common Man's Collapse (Produced by none other than Michael Keene of The Faceless) is a masterpiece of modern metal. I would reccomend this for fans of After The Burial, The Faceless and Born of Osiris. Also really anyone who loves technical breakdowns with a weird feel/timing to them. Although they do have some amazing breakdowns, there are also some great melodic parts that give this album some variety and contrast. Even if you are not so much into this type of music I would just give these guys a try. The musicianship contained in these ten tracks is overwhelming. Personally, I can't take this album out of my CD player. So check it out!

-Kyle 2GR

Try it
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Boston Youths

Calling all fans of sweet jams!
(Saves The Day, Fairweather, Grade, Lifetime, Hot Water Music, Braid, Audio Karate)

"This Will Not Define Us" is the new full length from Transit. The full length released on Barrett Records is 12 songs of pure excellence. These kids from Boston really impressed me with their catchy hooks and rockin' riffs. Being such young kids, I cannot wait to see how this band Matures and progresses. Be on the look out for this band, and make sure you check out "This Will Not Define Us" By far one of my favorite records of 2008.


Track List:

1. Opener
2. Castaway
3. Radio Flyer (Away From Home)
4. Rule Of Nines
5. For The World
6. Lexington Park, 11:33
7. Dead Weight
8. Scrape And Claw
9. Changing Season
10. Empty Shell
11. Giving In
12. Parking Lot Lights

- Jake "Dookie luv" Lang

Friday, October 10, 2008

just joined

hey, this is sean in tucson. just announcing that i'll post here sometimes. heres my blog, nothing great. add it if you want


i'd apologize if i didn't think it was so important

so, i know i've been posting a lot of political videos lately, but i honestly do think it's really important that we all spread the word about how mentally imbalanced our potential future vice president is. and keith olbermann lays it fucking down. i mean seriously, fuck.

love, detroit

Don't Vote for the Penguin

love, detroit

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Everything Shooks

Here is the vinyl rip of the Shook Ones/End Of A Year split. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of vinyl I own. So nice. Enjoy.

"The bands on this split couldn't really sound less like each other, which I personally think is awesome. END OF A YEAR seems more bent on bumming us out than any other time I've heard them. If you're unfamiliar, they play potent, stylistically awkward Revolution Summer-esque emo, and generally rip. SHOOK ONES, on the other hand, deliver a handful of short and to-the-point songs that sound, to me at least, like their catchiest material to date. Still super fast, still super melodic, still super poetic."

Try it
Buy it

- Joaquín

I love soup so much it's killing us both

as autumn is unfolds and the days get shorter and colder, there's a lot of things i look forward too. one in particular is the creation and consumption of hot foods. i know what you're saying, "but detroit, people eat hot food all year round." yes, this is true. but it's a lot easier to stand in a hot kitchen when it's cold outside. it's a lot more comforting to come in from chilly autumn nights when you can smell soup cooking when you get inside. so let's start with some disclosure, i'm not a chef. at all. not even close. so anytime i post a recipe, just remember, this shit isn't science. mess around, change some stuff, adjust, experiment. this is just what i came up with and liked. so, let's start with this puppy i like to call:

"I Love Soup So Much It's Killing Us Both"
what you'll need:
1 crock pot (or similar slow cooker, you can try to just use a pot and cook on low heat for a while, might not work as well, might work better, fuck if i know.)
1 small/medium sized regular pot
1 strainer
1 knife
2 cans of vegetable broth/stock
2 regular sized potatos
6-8 stalks of celery
4-6 regular carrots (you could probably substitute with like... 30 baby carrots, but won't taste as good)
1 onion
1 green onion
1 leek
1 cup pearl barley
4-6 cloves of garlic
a TON of dill (fresh if possible)
a bunch of basil (fresh if possible)
a bunch of other herbs (rosemary, thyme, stuff like that)
salt, pepper, etc

okay, so, this is a long recipe, it's a crock pot, the thing cooks really slow, but it's awesome and worth the wait. so, it's best to start this at about 4 oclock the day before you want to eat it.

1. put the 2 cans of veggie stock in the crock pot, and then use the can to put 1 can of water in the pot as well.

2. leave the skins on the potatoes, and chop those fuckers up into cubes. i cut them into about 1cm cubes, but the size is up to you. put them in the pot. chop up 2 celery stalks. put them in the pot. cut 1 slice of onion, chop it up, put it in the pot. chop up a bunch of green onion, put it in the pot. chop up 2 or 3 cloves of garlic really small, put it in the pot. take a fuck ton of dill and put it in the pot. a little bit of salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you want to be part of the base... all in the pot. cook all this shit on high for like... 6 hours. then, switch it to low and let it cook like this overnight. in the meantime, keep an eye on it, it should be okay, but if it starts getting low on broth, toss in another can of water.

3. when you get up in the morning, check on it... again, you should be okay, but if it's low on broth, toss in another can of water. now, chop up allllllll your carrots and toss those guys in there. and while you're at it, chop up another stalk of celery and toss that in. chop up another clove of garlic, toss it in. toss in some more dill, some rosemary maybe. at this point you definitely want to start putting in some salt and pepper, too. keep it cooking on low.

now we start to count backwards.

4. about 3 hours before you're going to serve it, you want to cook the barley. now, this part you might actually want to follow, if you screw up the barley, it'll get gross and you might not want to use it. so, take your 1 cup of pearl barley, rinse it with cold water. put it in your regular pot with 3 cups of water. bring to a boil, once it's boiling, reduce the heat to low, cover it, and let it simmer for 1 hour. after that, strain it, and rinse it again. then stick it in the fridge for about an hour.

5. about 2 hours before serving, toss a bunch more dill and a huge pile of basil into the pot. and depending on your taste, you can put in more garlic too. also, cut 1 more slice of onion, chop it up, put it in.

6. about 1-1.5 hours before you're going to serve it, take the barley out of the fridge and put it in the soup. cut 6 or 7 quarter inch thick slices of the leek, chop that up, toss it in. chop up 4 more stalks of celery, put it in. maybe some more dill? i dunno, make the call yourself. now, cook it on high until you're ready to serve it.

7. ladel yourself a huge bowl of it, eat it with some crusty bread, like a baguette or something like that. and most of all, enjoy.

love, detroit

Dear Joaq Joaq & Tronz,

I finally listened to Dead Hours, and it rules. You guys school the mad poseurs in the WA. The guitars in Burning are so rad. Thankz.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You hold the key to my little locked room...

This song is legitimately good. Jason Schwartzman can write some shit.

P.S. Dirty B, this song makes me miss the shit out of you.
P.P.S. No homo.

- Joaquín

I've got a boner for the Smashing Pumpkins Pt. 2: The Boner's on Us.

Seriously, who saw that coming?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What the fuck.

Whilst gear lurking, I stumbled upon an article about Monomes.
This is mind blowing.
This thing would be so much fun to play around with.

- Joaquín

Thursday, October 2, 2008