Monday, October 13, 2008

Continued Evil?

In keeping with a theme of creepality established by Joaquin's post, I figured I'd keep things going. I woke up this morning at around 8, which is very out of the ordinary, and found this on a blog I frequent quite often. It's UFO footage, and perhaps it was me only getting about three hours of sleep, but I was totally intrigued by this lengthy video. Think what you will, but it's kind of worth a watch. I'm going to watch it again to see how I feel about it after regaining some sanity.

- T-$$$


NGTH said...

im sketched out on this one.
i saw it a week ago and was skeptical cause it doesnt move for months and there doesnt seem to be any sort mass gathering. youd expect them to tell their friends. its probably an offshore oil rig.

this is all coming from someone who is %75 sure that some people in the white house are reptilians.


Roger De Rok said...

Totally fake. I like how around the 4 minute mark they can focus on the UFO so clearly but then can't get a good focus on the moon.