Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Everything Shooks

Here is the vinyl rip of the Shook Ones/End Of A Year split. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of vinyl I own. So nice. Enjoy.

"The bands on this split couldn't really sound less like each other, which I personally think is awesome. END OF A YEAR seems more bent on bumming us out than any other time I've heard them. If you're unfamiliar, they play potent, stylistically awkward Revolution Summer-esque emo, and generally rip. SHOOK ONES, on the other hand, deliver a handful of short and to-the-point songs that sound, to me at least, like their catchiest material to date. Still super fast, still super melodic, still super poetic."

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- JoaquĆ­n

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Anonymous said...

I love shook ones. I remember about a year ago when I saw them and met them at la casa. such a good time, such a carefree mentality. recently I came across the mobb deep song. Shook Ones pt. II. Check it out.