Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not So Disposable

"Montreal's Doughboys have emerged from the major label signing wars without being molded into mere music industry canon fodder. After three independent melodic-hardcore albums that established them as one of Canada's most non-compromising bands, Crush expands on the group's inherent pop elements without sacrificing drive and energy. Single and lead track "Shine" is the safest offering here; where the group really "shines" is on the cavity-inducing melody of "Fix Me." Of course, there will always be those dour, terminally au courant types who will slash Crush for it's broader, more accessible pop "sellout" - bah humbug to them, while the rest of us enjoy." - Some Review On Some Yahoo Site

Try it.
Buy it.

I read about this album on Aversionline while I was back at my mom's place in Gallup a couple years back, heard a track or two that he had posted there and found the songs enjoyable. A couple of weeks later while browsing through CD's back in Albuquerque, I found a used copy of The Doughboy's "Crush" for something like $2.99 or whatever and picked it up.

I am glad to say that I made a pretty good decision as this album is quite good although I do feel as though the 'Boys blew their proverbial "load" on the first five songs or so, which makes the rest of the album something of a hard listen. Having songs like Melt, Disposable and Fix Me all back-to-back would definitely give any other song any other album a run for its money.

Don't get me wrong, the rest of the album is good (check out Treehouse and End of the Hall) and definitely worth a listen, so do yourself a favor and check it out. I am almost certain that anybody reading this blog who has spent an hour or two at a music store rifling through CDs has seen a used copy of this album hanging out (next to a copy of Handsome's self-titled record which I'll probably post at some time in the future), so the next time you see it, check it out. It's also available on Amazon for something like $0.02, so you could just do that as well.

Also, check out this sick video for Fix Me. Mad dreads, bro.

- Tyrone

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