Friday, October 17, 2008

I've got gay edge.

"Depending on who you are you could either think that this is a funny idea, or a complete idiotic one. Being one that admitadly laughs at low-brow humor I think this is hilarious. This band re-records eight 80's hardcore classics like "Flame Still Burns", "Straight Edge", and "True Til Death" and change the lyrics to be about homosexuality. For example, the classic Bold song "Nailed to the X" becomes "Nailed in the Ass", with lines like "I'll shoot gizz in your eye until your blind." If you are into any of those old 80's bands and aren't some up-tight PC hardcore kid, you'll probably find this funny and worth hearing. The Project X parody cover is hilarious. There were only a few hundred of these pressed, I think all of them were on appropriate pink vinyl, so good luck in getting your hands on one of these masterpieces." - Some online review

Try it
You can't buy it anymore, but go pick up one of their t-shirts from the Buddyhead store.

P.S. The folder has a .txt file with the lyrics. So good.

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