Friday, October 17, 2008


hardcore in 1999 was in a sad state. sure there were the staple bands that were still around, but things were in decline. "mallcore" bands were just starting to emerge. great bands were breaking up. formerly great bands were changing and putting out unrecognizable records to appeal to the masses. we were worried. enter trial. sure, trial had been around for a while, they put out some really great records. they were as intelligent as they were intense. and we eagerly awaited their next release. we were presented with "Are these our lives?" we were floored. this was a new level. the music was unparalleled. the lyrics were landmark (i would later come to learn that singer greg bennick did 6 months of research to prepare for writing this record). this was the new standard. to this day "are these our lives?" stands as a landmark hardcore record. this video is from one of their 2005 reunion shows. happy edge day fuckers.

love, detroit.

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