Monday, October 13, 2008

Ways my week rules.

Here's how. Today at work, I met Aaron Turner of Isis/Twilight/Hydrahead Records, and he's actually a totally rad dude. Like a greek god with a funny voice. Tonight in a basement, I hung out with Ramming Speed and The Helm. Talked to Jerad from The Helm about drawing me up a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo, right before I mixed up a Ramming Speed shirt with a Cross Examination shirt and got even more mad cred points. Then, I came home to a bag of almost-expired-yet-totally-free snacks from Starbucks, where both of my roommates work, and munched down. Life is good.


P.S. Also, Jake from Uglyhead is posting an uberdetailed blog of the tour day-by-day here, if anyone is interested. Word.

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