Friday, October 17, 2008


Of course this had to be posted.

(Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture.)

Try it.
(I don't think you can buy this anymore.)

"'The lyrics that I write can be interpreted as pro-American, pro-Christian, pro-straight edge. I like to come across with a little bit more morality than a normal person,' he explains. (He’s serious when he bellows, 'In my dreams/ I am your savior' on 'Demonize.') 'Also, politically, our band is pretty conservative,' Peacock says. 'Let me make it clear that we’re not a political band. We as people are very, very conservative. We look at that as, if there’s somebody to pick on, it’s usually the conservative, drug-free, Christian right, and that’s us, and that’s why we set ourselves up saying '‘we are the enemy.’' This oppositional position is something the band, well, embraces. 'We want to be the thorn in everyone’s side,' says Peacock, 'we want to make people think.'" - Decibel Magazine

Ouch, right?

- Tyrone

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Carlzilla said...

It's bad enough that he wants to be marginalized as a "right wing christian band" or whatever he labeled themselves as, but to commit the sonic atrocities this band did on top of the lame politcal/religious viewpoints...

Also, how in the fuck did they end up on Deathwish? The label already had a band that sounded like this (HopeCon), but without the lame breakdowns, and shitty ideology. I'll take hateful NSBM over shitty christian hardcore anyday.