Sunday, September 28, 2008


insomniac doze- put me to sleep
that jesu split- i lasted through about a minute of the envy side and started skimming through the songs to see if they'd ever stop being boring... which they didn't.
abyssal ep- i think they were trying to make up for the lack of interesting parts on their previous releases by putting in as many ideas as they could. this just lead to an overall lack of cohesion.

ive been finding myself envious of the old days of envy... remember when there were only two parts to an envy song, the fast drumming loud part, and the slow back-beat quiet repetitive part?

well, I'm pretty sure this has been out for a while, but the envy thursday split actually doesn't suck. i mean, yeah, the thursday parts are kind of lacking, but i've found that band to be one of the better radio rock bands. but the envy side is great. closer to their older aggressive style, with a little influence from their most recent releases.

i got this from the christ almartyr blogspot (for any goaters, its mooks blog). just wait out the first song, its worth it.


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