Saturday, September 19, 2009

Owen - New Leaves

     New Leaves is the fifth full-length album by Mike Kinsella (Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football) of Owen. The album has been recorded over the past two years and many people have really anticipated this release since his last album, At Home With Owen. New Leaves has the sounds of earlier music of Owen. New Leaves stands out from all of his other albums because instead of songs about failed relationships, Kinsella has written songs on new beginnings. Between this album and his last, Kinsella has become both a husband and father, changing the music styles that reflect his emotions both lyrically and musically.
     Songs that got my attention: New Leaves, Good Friends, Bad Habits, Amnesia and Me. I think this maybe one of my favorites of this year’s releases. Some of the songs were once again recorded at his mother’s house. This time around there was a full band including his cousin, Nate Kinsella (Make Believe, Joan of Arc, Birthmark, Decembers Architects). Did your relationship end with someone close? Stop crying and you can

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