Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All my veins are tangled up.

Saves The Day hasn't released a bad record, in my opinion. I have loved each one more and more with time. However, over the years, In Reverie has become my favorite. You can really hear the ambition they had writing this record. A lot of people were turned off by it. Even people who actually play and understand music dislike this record (coughFundscough). I guess I can't be too upset about that. It's a pretty big departure from their old stuff. I can definitely see why their fans hate(d) it. Fuck 'em, I think it's incredible. Anyways, get your chunky chord, beautiful falsetto, and weird time signature on and check this album out.

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Bonus post!

Here are some b-sides from the album that I recently found. Enjoy!

Saves The Day - In Reverie (Bonus Tracks)

- JoaquĆ­n

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dave said...

booooooooo... you KNOW i love me some STD something fierce. but i can't back this record. BOOOORRRRRING. this is a HUGE step down from their first 3 records.