Wednesday, December 31, 2008

comics i read in 2008

this list is probably incomplete, but as far as i can tell, this is the list of trade paperbacks, single issues, mini's, one offs, graphic novels, etc that i read this year. not everything on this list was read for the first time this year, but if it was read this year, it made the list. but like i said, i don't think it's complete, but it's probably close. i read a lot this year.

32 stories
acme novelty library 16
acme novelty library 18
acme novelty library 19
american elf
american elf 2
american elf 3
batman: year one
batman: dark victory
batman: gotham by gaslight
batman: haunted knight
batman: the dark knight returns
batman: the dark knight strikes again
batman: the long halloween
be a man
black hole
bottomless belly button
box office poison
bprd 1
bprd 2
clutch 1
clutch 2
clutch 3
clutch 4
clutch 5
clutch 6
clutch 7
clutch 8
clutch 16
delayed replays
dogs and water
drawn and quarterly showcase #2
feeble attempts
four squares
four women
further grickle
ghost world
goodbye, chunky rice
hellboy 1
hellboy 2
hellboy 3
hellboy 4
hellboy 5
hellboy 6
hellboy 7
hellboy 8
hellboy: the chapel of moloch
hickee #3
hickee #4
i was a teenage comic nerd
infinity gauntlet
the iron wagon
kingdom come
life in the jugular vein
little things
lone racer
maus 1
maus 2
the maxx 1
the maxx 2
the maxx 3
the maxx 4
the maxx 5
the maxx 6
midnight sun
the mourning star
mustaches: a 24 hour comic
my brain hurts
narcoleptic sunday
nothing nice to say
the octopi and the ocean
penny arcade: attack of the bacon robots!
penny arcade: epic legends of the magic sword kings
penny arcade: the warsun prophecies
penny arcade: birds are weird
penny arcade: the case of the mummy's gold
preacher 1
preacher 2
preacher 3
preacher 4
promethea 1
promethea 2
promethea 3
promethea 4
promethea 5
queen and country definitive edition 1
queen and country definitive edition 2
queen and country definitive edition 3
red eye, black eye
same difference
the sandman 1
the sandman 2
the sandman 3
the sandman 4
the sandman 5
the sandman 6
the sandman 7
the sandman 8
the sandman 9
the sandman 10
scott pilgrim 1
scott pilgrim 2
scott pilgrim 3
scott pilgrim 4
scott pilgrim: full color odds and ends
sin city 1
smack dab
spaghetti western
spiral bound
tales from the farm
talk nerdy to me
things are meaningless
three shadows
top ten 1
top ten 2
van helsing's night off
walking dead 1
whiteout 1
whiteout 2
yearbook stories
you can't get there from here

- love, detroit

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