Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm a mess and you're worse.

So last night Jasper and I were standing around in a smokey garage talking about how incredible the new Fall Out Boy record is and how we think Patrick Stump is gonna have a really fruitful career after they break up because he is a BAMF song writer. Then I started dropping knowledge about how he has written for other acts and how sick those songs were. Anyways, here is a young band that homeboy has thrown a hit (or two) at. If you know me, you know how begrudgingly obsessed I have been with this record. If you've been to my house I have definitely made you watch their music videos On Demand. This is honestly probably the most appalling record I have ever heard. I don't know how these dudes came up with these ideas or if most of them were Stump's behind-the-scenes magic or what, but holy shit, I can't believe a record like this even exists. If you are even the least bit curious, check it out. Wow.

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P.S. These dudes are straight out of high school. There is a home music video of theirs that I just watched with footage of their graduations. Fuck my life.