Tuesday, December 9, 2008

America's Suitehearts

I was kind of reluctant to post this because all of my friends are assholes, but after giving it a couple of listens I can say with confidence that this record is fucking incredible. Patrick Stump is a badass. That dude needs to quit this band and do his own thing 'cause I honestly think he is holding back from releasing a really far out, absurd record. He takes influence from so many genres in these 50 awesome minutes. Ragtime, late 70s Motown, Funk etc etc. I love hearing records that you can tell were made by music lovers. Patrick Stump is definitely that. And with guest spots by Elvis Costello, Lil Wayne and Debbie Harry, this record is at least worth a listen, if anything. Show love.

Try it

- Joaq Joaq


Todd said...

I've only listened through twice and I was at work both times, but the only track that I really liked was She's my Winona. The songs seem a lot less cohesive, which is super important for a pop record. It seems like dude is going for a Prince-style smorgasbord, but it's much easier to get weird when you're writing grooves than when you're writing choruses. You might be right about ditching out on the pop punk idiom and really just going for it.

Todd said...

Oh also The Shipped Gold Standard is rad.