Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Holiday Comp Download Thing

what up dudes, i'm on this comp, download it.

Happy Holidays to all! I am proud to announce the first annual Solidarity Recordings Holiday Comp/Sampler 2008! Its a (30) track digital download comp/sampler, and the greatest thing is its FREE!! I wanna thank all the great bands that contributed a track. I hope everyone enjoys it, and i hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season! Enjoy!


p.s. For.The.Win. (ex-wardogs) track will be off there debut full length on asian man. this track is rad, hope you enjoy! thanks ftw!

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1. The Hot Toddies - Santa Baby
2. The Atom Age - One Minute to Midnight
3. Lemuria - Mechanical
4. Anchor Down - El Radio
5. For.The.Win. - Another Day
6. Olehole - Chimps Night Out
7. The Queers - I Can't Stay Mad At You
8. O Pioneers - Dead City Sound
9. Echoes of Harpers Ferry - Endangered Species
10. I-Spy - Appliances and Cars
11. imadethismistake - Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee
12. Anchor Arms - Cold Blooded
13. Hanalei - One Big Night
14. Slow Fade - A Day In Slow Motion
15. Pteradon -Hey Freddie Mercury
16. Like Claw - Ache (Jawbreaker Cover)
17. The Action Design - Connect/Disconnect
18. Wayne Arms - A Kind of Revolution
19. Mike Park - Crowd (Operation Ivy Cover)
20. Bastards of Young - New Reaction
21. The Ghost - Gem, Mint Ten
22. Ok Pilot - Are You Afraid of the Sting
23. The Honor System - Muffled by Concrete
24. Yeti Hands - Goodnight Firefly
25. Amanda Stahl - Run Away
26. Arms Aloft - Comfort at Any Cost
27. Success! - Trains, Planes, Bicycle Mobiles
28. The Damage Done - Teen Bop Hit Factory
29. Get Dead - Leave a Message
30. Hanalei - Moth to Flame

love, detroit

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