Friday, November 7, 2008

A Few Things.

So, it's been a while. Well, last week for Halloween, Will, Patrick, and I raged on down to see Torche, Coliseum, and clouds at El Corazon. The openers were cool but Torche absolutely destroyed. I got mad drunk and raged by relentlessly donkey-kicking the crowd through the entire set. I even convinced them to play Tales of Lolita. Holding on to the stage and headbanging, I tore all of the calluses off both hands, and left a bloody mess. Post show, I hung out a bit while Patrick aggressively weirded out all of Torche by inviting them to my house. They took off to party, but called at 2am looking for a place to stay and forcing me to clean my rather shit-holed apartment. Then they backed out. Not to be topped, I challenged them to a rage-off, and again denied. From the mouths of Torche themselves when I personally challenged their party abilities and cred, "Spread it." Next time, you heavy gay bastards, next time.

Then there was the election which brought the all-important...

Presidential Drinking Game:

Drink beer when: Goofy McCain clips are shown, Sarah Palin exemplifies her complete idiocy and ineptitude with Alaskan colloquialisms, polls close anywhere, race is mentioned at all, and/or when a new pundit is introduced.

Take shots when: Couric misspeaks, Hank Williams Jr. performs for McCain, anybody mentions a Democratic Filibuster-Proof Super Majority, and finally, when Obama wins.

So that was about a weeks worth of party packed into three hours. It was so surreal when the campaigns finally ended. I almost didn't believe we could do it. Early on, I speculated that we were going to have another four years of republicans because the democrats were so busy arguing about trying to sneak a black dude or a woman into office, that they would forget about the ignorant mass of Americans seemingly everywhere between the coasts. In the end, we did it and there was a fucking riot in the streets in Seattle. At one point, I opened my window and I could hear people screaming and raging in the streets from downtown. Someone later showed me a a picture of a city worker ghost riding a bus.

All of the tension over the election was starting play on everyones' mind here. I even had a dream about Obama riding a miniature horse like a jockey down at the track to boost the Asian stock market last night. Glad that shit's over. Now I see why some people smoke weed every single day, thinking this much is a chore. Fuckit.

In the meantime, Jem and I have been trying to find a new roommate since my longtime semi-rage partner Kelsey has moved out. In a moment of poor judgment, I posted a very vague ad with my phone number on craigslist about a very cheap room for rent on Capitol Hill. Since Tuesday at 8AM, I have fielded over 50 emails, at least 20 calls, and a gaggle of weirdos stopping by. We're now thinking of filming a documentary about screening these people to see who wants to live in our walk-in closet.

Now, I'm going to drink until I forget all of this.


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