Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gotta let you know girllllllllll

To keep up with the feel good joints posts, I present you "Let's groove" by the almighty Earth wind and fire. At their best, EWF were untouchable. These dudes were basically the slipknot of the 70's/80's in the sense that they had 13 members with 5-6 of them doing percussion, the key difference being that they exploded out of pyramids & were suspended upside down while wearing sweet ass space suits or crucial african garments instead of having severed cow heads on stage. Also, I've NEVER seen a band more excited and happy to play their own music, you could tell they were fucking feelin' what they wrote, & speaking of writing, this song is pretty much perfect, The pacing & instrumentation are pure gold, and this video is super ridiculous. Their singer is balding hard, but that doesn't stop him from his sexual seduction and bedroom eyes faces. The only way another guy could pull that off is if Kevin Spacey sang for Earth wind and fire (which would fucking rule). If you listen to these guys for over ten minutes and aren't in a good mood afterwards, then I don't know what the deal is with you. So, enjoy:

-Brian Gaiser

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Z said...

Dude, so fucking good. I've never given much of an actual listen to this band. What album do you recommend?