Friday, November 14, 2008

Power pop mega post!

After seeing a wonderful little power pop relic over on our friend Todd's blog, Primitive Future, I dug up a couple of my favorite releases of the power pop persuasion. A classic, a more recent classic and something new. Anyways, if you're feeling particularly young, loud and/or snotty today, give these pieces of ear candy a spin or two.

The classic:

You're probably familiar with Blondie's cover of "Hangin' On The Telephone." The Nerves' version is so much more, I don't know, adolescent? Jack Lee seems so much more desperate in their version. It's not often that someone releases a record this influential and just disappears like Lee has. Oh well, he left this work of wonder behind and I'm not complaining.

The Nerves - Self-Titled

The new classic:

In a true punk rock fashion, these boys put out a couple of well received singles. Released an amazing record and FUCKING DIED. They flipped their van in 2003 and lost 3 members. Romantic, right? Sticking with the adolescent theme, this record will definitely make you want to throw a leather jacket on, sniff some glue and tell your principal to fuck off.

The Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic

The new:

Coincidentally, Busy Signals is an Exploding Hearts b-side although the band swears up and down that they didn't take the name from the song. Their newest long player is on the same label as the Hearts' Guitar Romantic, too. Not to make comparisons, or anything. The Busy Signals sound more like Fastbacks than anything the Hearts ever touched. A more power poppy Fastbacks, and fuckin' a, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The Busy Signals - Self-Titled

- JoaquĆ­n

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Todd said...

Good post doggie, I'll be listening as soon as my computer works again.