Monday, November 10, 2008

The perfect 7-inch?

Try it.
Buy it somewhere.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself at Burt's Tiki Lounge in good ole downtown Albuquerque for a show (the band who headlined that night's name is escaping me at the moment). It was at this show that I received a couple of flyers for a few upcoming punk shows from a few bearded, and sick might I add, dudes.

Being the nosey person I am, I overheard another flyer recipient ask what one of the bands sounded like, to which the bearded individual responded something along the lines of, "Oh, they sound like a mix of *insert other band name here* and Oroku." The flyer recipient then asked the bearded individual what Oroku sounded like, to which the bearded individual replied something along the lines of, "They sound like Tragedy, but better."

This is when your boy, T-$, chimed in with his $0.02. Never having been quite the crust connoisseur myself, but having heard both Oroku's and Tragedy's recorded output, I had to kindly disagree. Of course the bearded individual felt differently and begun asking his friends if they agreed with him, which most of did (one of them actually saying that Tragedy was better depending upon your choice of clothing).

After hearing many of their arguments, most of which were just insane, I asked, in reference to their "Can We Call This Life" EP, "Well, has Oroku put out the perfect 7-inch?"

I do realize that declaring said EP "perfect" is quite the bold statement, but really, it is. I can't ever not listen to it just once, mainly because it is short, but also because it's so rad.

"What does it sound like," you ask? Essentially, it is a record by whom I consider to be one of the best hardcore punk bands to ever have existed (yeah, I said it.), so you know what to expect: somewhat melodic, somewhat Japanese-influenced, somewhat dark, crusty hardcore punk. If you haven't heard it, download it and rock the F out. If you have heard it, agree with me and sing your praises, or tell me that Tragedy is overrated and that His Hero Is Gone was better. Either way, I'm air drummin'.

- Tyrone


Brian Gaiser said...

Yeah this 7 is really good, I've always personally liked tragedy wayyyyyyy the fuck more than HHIG but that's just me.

Carlzilla said...

This is exactly where I lost all interest in Tragedy. This album is greeday with more distortion and angry yelling.

The only way anyone could like Tragedy better is to have never seen HHIG live. Tragedy are a sad imitation of HHIG's less interesting parts, without any of the awesome parts that made HHIG awesome.