Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Listen to these albums this week

Here's a few good albums I've been listening to lately. Click the album title to download.

Mind Eraser - Conscious Unconscious
One of the heaviest albums of the year.

The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street
Has some awesome hits on it your dad probably loves. If you hung out with your dad a lot, you probably love them too.

Hum - Downward Is Heavenward
Heavy and melodic down-tempo rock. My ideal band.

Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings and Food
This album is insane. I don't understand how they came up with their ideas. The original "weird" punk band.

- Google Nick

1 comment:

Carlzilla said...

Mind Eraser rules. I heard they where doing two "long" songs this time out, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm glad they didn't mess it up like Sore Throat did back in the day. I so wanted to like that Saw Throat album...