Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ocean and the Sun

     The past few releases of The Sound of Animals Fighting has been a disappointment for me. I think this time around the band has really redeemed themselves for their final release, The Ocean and the Sun, released on Epitaph records. This album is perhaps their most experimental and most powerful one yet and just as good, if not better, than their first EP: Tiger and the Duke. Favorite tracks are Cellophane, The Heraldic Beak Of The Manufacturer's Medallion, Uzbekistan and Another Leather Lung. This is definitely one of my favorite releases this year. Members of Rx Bandits and Circa Survive. If you have heard this band before and disliked it or got tired of them like I did, give this a listen.

The good: they got rid of Craig Owens and lost a lot of members.
The bad: worthless intermissions.
Rating: 8/10

Try it.
Buy it.

- C. Coco

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