Monday, November 3, 2008

Sickest radio show evar...

The dude who runs one of our sister blogs, The Horrible And The Miserable, has his very own radio show that premiers tonight at midnight. It's gonna be all hardcore/punk/indie stuff, so if you're online tonight at midnight, go over to the KAMP website and have a listen. Their request line is (520) 621-5806. You can even reach their request line via IM, their SN is KAMPrequest for AIM and iChat. Anyways, I'll be listening and you should to. Party.

P.S. Evan, and I talked about how awesome the dudes in the Ramones, Teenage Bottle Rocket, etc. look in all their press photos. We ended up attributing that coolness to their leather jackets. Well, Evan recently bought one and may I say, he looks like a bad ass.

- JoaquĆ­n