Sunday, August 17, 2008

for the record

here are a few things that i believe:
1.) carrot juice is delicious. it is also the perfect color of orange.
2.) david byrne is a genius.
3.) everyone should make at least one mix tape in their life.
4.) vinyl is better than cds.
5.) real mail is worth the effort. everyone smiles when they get a letter.
6.) good things take time.
7.) reading is good for you.
7a.) reading things with pictures is also good for you.
8.) keanu reeves ruins movies.
9.) the dark knight is the best comic book movie of all time.
10.) you should never eat tofurkey jerky. trust me.

to be continued...

love, detroit


Brad said...

what's with the tofurky hatred?

NGTH said...

i have no hatred for tofurkey, in fact, i love a great many of their products. however... their jerky is a sin against humanity. it's horrid.

Megan said...

keanu reeves ruins everything.