Friday, August 15, 2008

New City Is The Tower hotness

They just posted a demo track that one of our contributors, the lovely Mr. Dave Jordan, recorded in a garage. How DIY. Go check it out on their Myspace.

What's this place? A home in which I'm foreign. (An uncanny) insinuation of memories, but none of which I can remember so I fake a smile and just fade out. This was my life, but this isn't who I am anymore. I'm alright. Things can change."

If you weren't at their show last week, you missed out. They played an incredible set. Most fun I've had at an Albuquerque show in a good while.

- JoaquĆ­n


NGTH said...

it was actually in the tempo garage, not my living room, but yeah, it's still rad. dudes slay.

- detroit

Anonymous said...

thanks!<3 i'm waitin for new scroooosh