Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's 4:13 AM and I'm still awake. This isn't Livejournal, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself. However, I dug up this little gem by Mr. Schwarzenbach and friends for my friend Forrest earlier tonight. He thinks it's already his favorite Jawbreaker album. Bold statement. Check it out for yourself.

Try it.
Buy it.

"Unfun, Jawbreaker's first LP was recorded in Venice, California, and released in 1990. It is a combination of pop-influenced punk and DC-influenced hardcore. However, unlike contemporary 'pop-punk', Unfun has a dark quality and a maturity emblemized by its literary aspirations. While many bands at the time were willing to settle for pat social commentary, Jawbreaker pushed its lyrics, emphasizing depth and resonance."

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