Saturday, August 30, 2008

I feel the worst things in my soul.

So wow. Randy, Tyrone and I got bored today and in the midsts of sitting around and listening to records, I accidentally played Trapped Under Ice's hot new joint, "Stay Cold," out now on Reaper Records, on 33 RMPs rather than 45... Well, it turns out that their riffs are even more punishing at a slower speed. So of course we had to share this with all of you...

So on behalf of the boys and I, here is Trapped Under Ice's - Stay Cold... SCREWED.
...You're moshin'.

Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold (Screwed)
Buy the original version of "Stay Cold"

We're idiots.
Also, this amazing "Screwed" style re-do artwork is by Tyrone.
And DJ Chocolate Cake is a bad, bad Caleb Crump joke that isn't even worth explaining.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! This sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger doing crust vocals.